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Hi, I'm Nadine Howkins.

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to find me and visit my site!  

I use my Coaching, Counselling, NLP & Hypnotherapy skills, alongside a range of Holistic Therapies, to offer extremely powerful techniques to help my clients manage a wide variety of issues. I run group and 1-2-1 sessions, both online and face to face, to help overcome all manner of hurdles, obstacles or feelings of “stuckness” that can affect any of us at any given time. I have many and varied therapies I use, not only to help clients but also in my personal life, which I constantly update. I am always looking for ways to improve all aspects of my life and business so you can rest assured I will constantly be striving to ensure you receive the very best support I can give you!

I have worked with clients of all ages from children in family groups to pensioners in SMYL sessions. SMYL is an original therapy fusion which consists of my own personally developed routines using Smiling Meditation & Yoga Laughter and incorporates gentle stretches, breathing techniques and grounding exercises.

I am a fully qualified Elite Life Coach Incorporating Hypnotherapy & NLP

(Accredited IAPC&M Course Level 5) & Holistic Therapist.

I hold a Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Techniques for Stress Management in Business Diploma, including CBT, Meditation & Mindfulness. I am also an accredited EFT/TFT Master Practitioner and certified Laughter Yoga Therapist.

My passion is to help others make lasting transformations and create the life they not only dream of but truly deserve!

Sat on the Rocks

Here for you

Helping You To Help Yourself

Find Your How To, Find Your Smile, Find Your Happy, Find Your YOU!


Your journey towards a better way of life can begin today.

Whether you’re looking for personal or professional support, online or face to face, group or 1-2-1 sessions, contact me for non judgemental assistance to help you experience great results.

I help clients start living their best lives by facilitating -
letting go of pain, negative habits and limiting beliefs, shifting perspective, changing mindset, finding focus and clarity, and discovering their true, happy, most confident selves.

Based in SE London, U.K and also offering online sessions to clients around the world.


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How can I help?

What areas of your life are you looking to improve?

Life Coaching with NLP

Dedicated to You

I can help you find your purpose, your passion, your talents, your options and your answers that will help you to create the life you dream about. Ready to get started and take that first step to finding your best self? Create the lasting changes that you not only want but truly deserve!!

Hit the Book Now button for a session or a free 30 minute discovery call.



Utilise your unconscious mind 

All over the world, countless clients are benefiting from Hypnotherapy. It’s time to transform your life. I am here to gently speak to your subconscious mind to allow yourself to make the changes you need in order to succeed.

Hit the Book Now button to arrange a session or a free 30 minute discovery call.


Holistic Therapies

Committed to Quality

From personal to professional growth, from physical to emotional pain. Using various techniques, including laughter yoga, meditation and mindfulness, I am here to help you overcome your struggles in order to create a better life. Send me a message for further details of the  therapies I offer or hit the Book Now button and start benefiting today.


EFT  / TFT Tapping

Tap away your pain & fears and tap in to your best you!

Clients around the world are benefiting from this healing therapy. It is especially good for easing physical and emotional pain. It’s time to transform your life, and I am here to help.

Hit the Book Now button to arrange a free 30 min discovery call or book a session.

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Transformation & Growth

A little about me and my journey to becoming a Life Coach & Therapist.

I spent much of my adult life being negative, waiting for bad things to happen, a real cup half empty kind of girl! I remember in my early 20s, life was actually going quite well for a while but as soon as I realised this I thought “hmm life is going far too well, something bad is bound to happen soon". Not long after that things started going wrong and life wasn't great for me again. 

Years later I remember someone asking me why I always moaned and I (only half jokingly) replied “Well it’s one of the few things in life I am actually good at!” with a chuckle. Of course that was untrue and there were lots of things I was good at. I have always been quite bright and intelligent, and have a lot of common sense. I have been determined and independent, had many adventures and travelled to almost 50 countries around the world (most of them alone). I may have appeared confident but I spent many years jokingly putting myself down, never able to take a compliment or accept praise very well. I have felt lonely (even when with people), I have felt like I didn’t fit in, I have at times tried too hard to please people and still felt disliked and unloved. I have suffered PTSD, been through some major traumas and health issues. I have lost people along the way and generally been a complete miserable wreck at times!

That’s a short overview of how “most” of my adult life used to be – maybe you can resonate in parts?

Then a few years back I was extremely unwell, with my autoimmune system shutting down and doctors seemingly unable to fathom the cause! I eventually saw a holistic therapist who found the cause of my problems and with a strict change of diet and her care and support, after 2 years of getting nowhere with medical doctors, I was feeling better than ever within a few months!  

That was the kick start I needed and thankfully the beginning of my journey of transformation. Since then I continue to work on myself,  I practice gratitude, I eat better, I don’t worry who likes me and who doesn’t, I meditate, I study, I'm much happier, I have learned to love myself and I continue to step out of my comfort zone. I learn, I grow and I now use what I have learned to help others.

So you see WE DO HAVE EVERYTHING WE NEED WITHIN US to make changes. However, if you would like someone to support you through those changes, someone who will listen in confidence and without judgement, who can offer you various techniques to help you along your path then please get in touch.

I can help with a broad range of issues including but not limited to:

Anxiety, Confidence, Focus & Motivation, Feeling Stuck, Smoking Cessation, Stress Management, Weight Loss, Fears & Phobias, Clearing Mental Blocks and Mistaken Beliefs. Finding the root cause of emotional and physical pain.

So what do you want or need to change in your life? What are you struggling with?

Contact me to book a free consultation.

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Past Client Experiences

If you're ready for change and would like support moving forward contact me today.


Nadine managed to unlock a barrier on me on the very first session we had.
I had seen numerous counsellors before and none listened with Nad's accuracy. Nadine is professional but down to earth and warm.
Best sessions ever.

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Nad How To

If you’re looking to create lasting change in your life look no further. Fill out the form here to contact me today.

UK 07582 940709

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Thank You For Your Visit!

 I hope I’ve made you feel welcome and you have enjoyed my site? I thank you for being here and hope to meet with you soon whether in a 1-2-1 session or at a group event?

If you want some assistance to make changes or resolve an issue but are nervous about taking that first step please send me a message and we can book a time for an informal telephone chat.

Please don’t be worried or nervous about getting in contact, I am here for YOU, to listen without judgement and to help YOU find YOUR solutions and best ways forward with whatever struggles you may be having or whatever mindset or life changes you are looking to make.

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