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Imagine how good it would feel to be able to control your pain and emotions? 

Well with this Hypnotherapy Recording you can do just that! 

You will be guided to enter a relaxed state where you can access your unconscious mind and reajust your pain and emotion levels. 

This hypnosis can be used for a variety of issues including but not limited to: 

Pain, Fear, Anxiety, Stress, Confidence, Self Esteem, Unhelpful Emotions or Habits....... The list goes on......... So what are you waiting for, buy this recording now and start taking back CONTROL of your life.


Please do not listen to any hypnosis recording while driving or operating machinery. 

Hypnotherapy may not be suited to those who suffer from Epilepsy, Personality Disorder, Serious Heart or other medical conditions. If in doubt ALWAYS check with your medical advisor before purchasing / listening.

Take control of emotions / pain hypnotherapy

  • You will receive an option to download your digital product once you complete your purchase as well as in your confirmation email. 

    If you suffer from epilepsy or a personality disorder or are concerned about your suitability for hypnotherapy please check with your medical advisor before purchasing this product. 

    Never listen to any hypnotherapy recording whilst driving or operating machinery.

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