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Regain control of your weight with this self-follow weight management plan. This 8 week course has been designed to help navigate your journey to a complete mindset shift about your weight and your worth, gently encouraging you to focus on your own needs as well as those of the people you care for. 

Remember you cannot give from an empty cup! Take time to refuel you, in the right way, and you will have more to give to those you love.

The plan includes a manual with istructions and hypnotherapy recordings for each week plus a workbook, to record your progress. There is also a choice of meal plans and a food diary, all of which you can download to refer back to whenever you need. 


So ............ What are you WEIGHTING for???? 


Take your first steps to not only achieving but sustaining your weight goals by purchasing now.

You'll thank yourself for it later! 


Please note results can vary and are dependant on client commitment. NEVER listen to any hypnotherapy recording whilst driving or operating machinery. Hypnotherapy may not be suited to those with Epilepsy or other major medical conditions. If in doubt ALWAYS check with your medical advisor before purchase. 

8Week Weight Management Plan with Hypnosis

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